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Checking Singapore 4D Results for Today Is Easier Than Ever

4D is a renowned lottery game in Singapore.


It is popular among Singaporean players for several reasons. Firstly, the player has to choose a number that consists of just 4 digits from 0000-9999, which is very simple and so the odds of winning as opposed to other types of lottery, which require 5-7 different numbers to play, are higher. 


4D is also renowned for its high prize amounts. You get the opportunity to win 3 large prizes, 10 beginner prizes, and 10 smaller consolation prizes. 


Thanks to the worldwide web and tech tools, checking the 4D results in Singapore is now easier than ever. Forget about the old times where you had to wait for the newspaper to check the Singapore 4D result for today. 


Currently, there are several applications and websites which let you check the latest 4D results live in Singapore instantly. But, JDCLUB9 definitely makes a difference by being the quickest to share the results with the public. 


By checking today’s 4D results as soon as they come, you will be able to find out immediately if you have won or not. 


In addition to checking if you won anything, you can utilize 4D results to predict the next drawn numbers and win.


As the biggest place to view the Singaporean 4D lottery results, JDCLUB9 is up to help players achieve their dreams of becoming rich overnight. Every day, there is a new millionaire from the public that manages to hit the first prize with their apparent stroke of luck. Singapore 4D takes pride in being one of the greatest 4D operators in the ASEAN union when it comes to market shares. In addition, we are also the creators of the revolutionary digital 4 Digit drawing method that replaces the existing drawing procedure with a more engaging method that allows the public to join in. Everyone can join by viewing the 4D lottery results regularly. 

What Are Singapore Pools?

Singapore Pools was launched in May 1968 to prevent unlawful gambling practices in Singapore. It serves as a legal path for Singaporean players to play lotteries and curb the unfamous and illegal betting syndicates that have emerged ever since. 


From the 1st of May, 2004, Singapore Pools is operated and owned by the statutory board named “Tote Board”, below the Ministry of Finance of Singapore.

Gambling Activities


Singapore pools currently run three different lotteries:

Sports Staking

Furthermore, Singapis the main legal bookie and provider of association football and motor race betting options.

Remote/Distance Gambling

On 29th September of 2016, the Ministry of Home Affairs has shared that Singapore Pools would be given an exemption based on the Remote Gambling Act passed in 2014, giving it the green light to provide legally web-based and telephone gambling for 4D and TOTO lotteries, football, and motor races. 

What is Toto

Toto is a legal lottery game that is offered in Singapore. It also has different names across Asia. The game is run by Singapore Pools which is the only lottery provider in Singapore with legal status. It is currently the second most popular game in Singapore after 4D. You can buy your TOTO tickets through the various Singapore Pool shops available across Singapore. Draws take place every Monday and Thursday at 18:30 (Singaporean time).  Cascade draws also take place at 21:30. The TOTO live draw can be watched directly at the Singapore Totaliser Board branch at 210 middle street. The winnings from TOTO are transferred to the Singaporean Totaliser board, which allocates the funds to charity and community purposes. 

Playing Method

As a player, you choose a min. 6 numbers from 1-49. The lucky numbers are drawn feature 6 different numbers plus one. If you hit three or more numbers on your ticket, you are entitled to a money prize. The more numbers you hit, the higher the price would be.


The max. allowed numbers you can match are seven. The grand winner has to win both tier 1 and tier 2 of the draw which occurs only if the player has purchased a ticket of system “7” or higher. Therefore, if six numbers on the bought TOTO ticket correspond to the six lucky numbers drawn, the player wins the Jackpot prize of Group 1. 

Types of Bets - How to Place Bets

You can place your bets in 4 different methods: 


Winning Odds & Payout

The actual winning odds of any cash prize are 1 out of 54. 54% of the sum TOTO purchases for every draw transfers to the TOTO prize pool. The Group 1 prize has a min. guaranteed total of $1M. If no winners come from one of the groups (5, 6, 7) the corresponding group prize will roll over to the next draw. Group 1 prizes can only rollover for up to 4 consecutive draws, thus, the prize will go to Group 2.

About 4D

4D is a lottery game available in Germany, Malaysia, and Singapore. Players join by picking any figure from 0000-9999. Thus, 23 lucky numbers get drawn every time. If any of these numbers correspond to the one chosen by the player, the player wins the respective cash prize. A draw takes place to determine the winning numbers. 4D is a game of fixed odds.


Magnum 4D is the initial licensed 4D provider approved by the Malaysian government to run the 4D lottery. Following the example, other lottery providers emerged after Magnum making the game one of the most famous in Malaysia. They previously created the daily Derby 4D blue and Green and 5-digit jackpots are also rising in popularity lately. Singapore Pools is the main provider of betting and lottery games in Singapore. The most popular lotteries are 4D and 6/49. 


In the Singaporean market, 4D draws take place every Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday at 18:30 (Singaporean/Hong Kong time) at the Singapore base branch at 210 Middle Street. Any person at least 18 years old can enter the building and watch the draw. 


An autonomous external controller and five draw officials also take part in the drawing process. Before the actual draw takes place, a special computer system is activated to pick randomly the drawing machines and the pack of draw balls to be picked. A secondary/backup machine is also picked.


The chosen drawing balls with numbers from 0-9 are weighted to make sure their unique weights do not fall outside the allowed margin of error. This step ensures that each ball has an equal chance to get drawn among the others. 


The chosen machines, protected with a lock and numbered seal in a special storage place are then moved to the drawing hall together with the numbered balls. 


The balls are then fetched into the draw machine in full public display. A member of the audience is then called to hit the start button on the control pad and begin the draw. The numbered balls in the drawing machine consist of 4 transparent cylinders and roll until a ball moves into the path that lies in each cylinder. 


The drawing procedure begins from the consolation prizes and is then re-launched until all 23 packs of lucky numbers are drawn.

Check the Singapore 4D Lottery Results Now

Overall, if you seek a new platform to check all the previous 4D results, go to through your smartphone. There are several other 4D lottery operators in the field but JDCLUB9 is the top provider as it provides 4D live results in real-time to the public.