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About GD Lotto (Grand Dragon Lotto)

GD Lotto or otherwise known as Grand Dragon Lotto is the greatest 4D lottery game runner in South-East Asia. As a major operator in the Asian market, GD lotto aims to offer one of the most transparent and secure lottery games to Cambodian players. It is there to help folks turn their dreams of instant wealth into reality. 


Hence, millions of players and lottery fans are looking up various relevant keywords such as GD Lotto results, Grand Drago Lotto results, Lotto 4D Live, and Cambodia Lotto 4D result. 


Also going by the name “Hao Long 4D”, GD Lotto is not simply another ordinary and fun game - it’s even more than that. The Hao Long 4D lottery runs using a totally secure and protected system. The operator is committed to providing the highest level of safety and transparency so everyone can enjoy a totally flawless playing experience.


Grand Dragon lotto has realized how important is public engagement in determining the results. Now you can join and watch the whole drawing phase from their base office or just activate your device and connect online to watch the draw live. This goes totally public in order to ensure the transparency and the fairness of the winning draw process for everyone involved. 


GD Lotto is aimed at offering the greatest gaming experience by sharing their results with the public in real-time. 

About 4 Digit Lottery Game 

It doesn’t take much to realize why the 4D lotto is broadly known as the 4D lotto. This is a kind of lottery that enjoys vast popularity among the gamblers of S.E Asia.


To further illustrate the game, a player gets to pick multiple number packs that start from 0000 up to 9999 and generate their own special set of 4D numbers. Consequently, 23 lucky 4D numbers will emerge from a poll to find the winner of the given draw. If your chosen number matches that of the draw prize, you win that prize. In Cambodia, 4D draws take place every 18:00 Cambodian time on a daily basis. Hence, the game will yield winners every day. It’s a piece of cake!


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Ways to Play 4D 

There are several ways and topics to play the 4-D lotto game. The basic steps to play it are as follows:


  1. Choose a number consisting of 4 digits or let our random computer generator create some numbers for you.

  2. Choose your game mode: BIG or SMALL.

  3. Complete the top amount that suits the number you chose. 


To comprehend how the game works better, explore all 4 various ways to play the 4D game.


This is currently the most direct way to play the 4D lottery game. If you have your own favourite number already, you may add your bet straight away on the “Straight” bet option and choose to play either the SMALL or BIG Forecast. Make sure to set the most suitable amount and limit for your pocket as well.


The permutation method covers all scenarios of 4D number patterns. This will boost your winning odds. For example, if you use a permutation bet for the chosen number 1122, you will also reap all potential variations of that number sequence such as 1212, 2211, 2121, 2112, 1221, etc. The grand permutation is 6X or 6 splits of numbers.

3. Roll Bet option

This is another method to yield more number packs. By rolling/shaking the front of the top digit of your 4D number you get a pack of 10 different 4D numbers where only the first digit on the front differs. 


For example, the roll-front of R123 will yield the numbers 


If the 4th digit of your 4D number rolls, you will also get a pack of 10 unique versions of that number where only the last digit is different. Put differently, it rolls the 4th digit to generate new packs of numbers. 


For example, the Roll-back of the figure 123R will also yield, 1231, 1232, 1233 and so on up to 1239. 


Bear in mind that the min. Investment for a roll bet costs RM10 which is equal to 10 groups of separate bets. 


There is also another alternative method to roll a 4D number in case you don’t have a special one or don’t want to bother thinking about one. Just choose the “Lucky Pick Bet” and the computer will randomly pick a pack of 4D numbers for you. You never know, the automatically picked number may be lucky. Here is an illustration of how lucky pick operates:


Therefore, all the methods above will raise your chance of winning the 4D lottery. Regardless if you are playing the BIG or Small forecast or even the random pick, it doesn’t hurt at all to experiment with more options when playing. 


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Winning the 4D game

In order to make the game more fun, there are two categories of 4D forecasts to choose from when you join the game.

You either get to pick the BIG or SMALL forecast to win (or both). 

BIG Forecast

This is the most enticing and safest forecast method to play 4D. Once a forecast is placed, your pick will apply to all the 23 different numbers drawn from all 5 separate prize categories such as 1st prize, 2nd prize, 3rd prize, special prize and consolation prize pools. Due to the large coverage of prizes, the winning sum may also be less than that of the Small Forecast range. It’s low in terms of risk but it yields a lower cash return.

SMALL Forecast

This method is for everyone that seeks an adrenaline rush as this forecast aims at winning the three largest prizes: first, second, and third prize. Due to the smaller scope it covers, the odds to win are smaller but the payout is higher than the BIG forecast option. 


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How are the 4D Lotto Results drawn?

We are happy to let you know that we ate the top 4D lottery runner in Cambodia and one of the most competent players on the field.


Are you aware that all our draws take place every day from Monday to Sunday? And they are conducted in our legally approved GD casino space in full public display. The draws are carried out every day at 18:10 Cambodian time.


To preserve the transparency and safety of the procedure, the entire draw is shared with the public. People can watch it directly in our dedicated casino lobby or online on our official platforms. We take the transparency and integrity of the procedure very seriously so that all our draws are carried out in a totally fair and honest manner. 



In addition, Grand Lotto 4D draws are so clear that they are conducted via air draw machines with integrated clear tubes and lines and a plastic area that allows 360-angle clear and unobtrusive views of the whole drawing process (from the loading of balls to the final picks) from the second one. 


Each drawing starts with the reputable 4D game and soon after the 6D lotto follows. As mentioned previously, the public can freely watch the whole draw physically or online via a web platform. You can come in and see the draw live in our physical casino area or our official platform, social media, We Chat groups and all our associate 4D websites. 


All our drawing machines are subject to rigorous administration regulations when the units, tools, balls and accessories are not used, they are kept and protected in a special area that is monitored 24/7. 


Here is why we went above and beyond. We wish to maintain the highest standard of transparency and integrity with zero tolerance to fraud safety-wise. Our operations and drawing process are also subject to rigorous and frequent checks and monitoring to make sure they follow all industry expectations.

Step 1:

The balls bear a letter from A to W to determine the placement of the next number.

Example: If B gets picked, the next number arranged is for the place “B”

Step 2:

A numbered ball gets drawn from every D2, D3, D4, D5 machine consequently to shape a number sequence.


For instance, if D2 draws 5, D3 draws 5, D4 draws 5, and D5 finally draws 5, the number that comes up will be 5555. 

Step 3:

Three out of thirteen balls with an alphabet from A-M will be picked out to determine the first, second, and third prize.


For instance, if G gets drawn from the 1st ball in machine D6, the number combo of G will yield the third prize. 


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Why Play Grand Lotto


Grand Lotto assures you that the 4D lotto game is beyond fun and entertaining--it’s completely safe, transparent and fair. You can stay worry-free that you get one of the most secure lotto platforms available so you can join the lotto fun and check Grand Lotto 4D results wherever you wish. You can see the results in 100% full transparency. 


Grand Dragon lotto is donating funds to the local community through their Corporate Social Responsibility aim. We would like to thank all players for helping us to help others. Grand Lotto helps and supports several charity organizations and local state organisations, sports groups and healthcare causes through their statutory funding program


Grand Lotto maintains great work ethics, honesty and transparency as their key business beliefs. GD is committed to keeping the highest level of anti-corruption and honesty in carrying out their daily corporate activities. Therefore, every drawing procedure follows rigorous compliance to our adopted policy against fraud. We enforce the anti-fraud policy to prevent, identify and search for fraud. You can rest assured that our drawing results are 100% incorrupt. 


Now you can no longer worry about the sign-up page. Grand Lotto is aimed at ensuring all data gathered from the players are fully encrypted and protected. Grand Lotto can only process users' personal information for account verification aims. All private user info is backed up by our infrangible encryption system based on industry regulations and the privacy act of Cambodia.

Grand Lotto Outcomes

Grand Lotto, also known as Hao Long 4Digit or GD Lotto is an incredibly popular game among Singaporean gamblers. It’s one of the top options to play and get the chance to win large prizes as they own a solid business reputation in the lottery field.


Now all people can view the GD lotto results or the Cambodian Lotto 4D results on the web for free. Now it’s the perfect moment to upgrade your game and guess the next lucky numbers of the upcoming draws. 


Without a doubt, the latest winning number can also come up again. It yields better odds of getting drawn again compared to other lotto numbers.


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