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Magnum 4D Results Today - Get to Know

With several lotteries available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and miss the numbers you played. The good news is, JDCLUB9 offers you an exciting platform to buy your tickets for Magnum 4D now and check the Magnum 4D results later live. 


Nearly all famous 4D lotteries are available on the platform. It’s a fundamental place to buy lotto tickets and check the draw results for Magnum in Malaysia.

JDCLUB9 - Check The Latest 4D Magnum Results in Singapore

Thanks to an easy to use interface and engaging structure, JDCLUB9 is the perfect tool for Magnum 4D players in Singapore. You may keep tabs on your purchased tickets regardless of the ticker supplier e.g Magnum 4D, Sabah, Singapore 4D, or any other key 4D providers and also view all the latest Magnum results live as they occur! You don’t have to wait until the next time to enter a physical ship - just check the latest Magnum 4D draws from the comfort of your space.


Magnum Company Profile

“Magnum Berhad” is the ownership of the “Magnum Berhad Group of Companies”. The corporation was launched back in August 1975 with multiple holdings and has been featured in the Main Board of the K.L Stock Exchange/Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, as of 11th January 1982. The Company acquired its existing name in June 2013. 


The company is an investment holding company and via its totally owned child company “Magnum Corporation Sdn. Bhd”, launched back in 1968, is oriented mainly towards the provision of 4 Digit lottery services. 


The main operations of its other child companies feature administration services as well as investment holdings. Fortunately, you can view today’s Magnum results on the platform JDCLUB9. 

Magnum’s Devotion to Community Causes

Ever since the launch of the magnum company back in 1968, the company has been committed to serving and helping local communities. Through several beneficial and charitable schemes that fall under the program “MagnumCares”, it is our aim and vision to support charities that need it the most.

Magnum’s Aims

Sustainability Schemes

Supporting local communities via offering long-standing values and actions that are beneficial and sustainable.

Charity schemes

Supporting communities in need via repeated outreach and prompt initiatives of comfort and care.


“My Magnum is an Employee Volunteering initiative to support employees in their potential within the working environment and to become beneficial members of the local society.


Who can purchase any 4-digit Jackpot/Jackpot Gold/ or Magnum Life tickets?

You may purchase any ticket to join any 4-digit game if you are 21+ years old and it doesn’t clash with your religious upbringing. 


What is the last time I can purchase tickets for an upcoming draw?

You may purchase your tickets for an upcoming draw before 19:00. Every draw closes at 19:00 on their given draw days. 


How much can I purchase for every Magnum 4D number? 

You can purchase as many tickets as you want for any 4D draw but up to a certain level. To control coverage, the magnum operator places BIG and SMALL limitations on every Magnum 4D figure. Once these are passed, you will not be able to get any more tickets for that 4D number. 


When do the 4D draws take place?

We carry out three typical draws on a weekly basis. Additionally, there are special draws that are licensed by the Treasury department. Special drawing dates can be picked for banking holidays such as Chinese New year, Hungry Ghost Festival and mooncake festival.


When are draws carried out?

The typical draw dates include Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Additional special draws also take place every Tuesday. All draws take place at 19:00. 


Where are the draws happening?

All draws take place in our special drawing room on the ground level of the Wisma Magnum building. The draws are carried out in a full public display. You may visit us to see the transparent drawing process and place yourself at 111, Jalan Pudu, KL. 


How are draws carried out?

Draws are carried out by Magnum employees with the assistance of randomly picked members of the public. Every 23 winning number gets drawn from a fully clear electromechanical machine that is controlled remotely and needs no direct human control.


  1. Initially, their MC guides them on the next steps to take.

  2. A randomly picked member joins and hits the remote control button.

  3. The drawing machine turns on to catch 1 random ball from each drum to pick the winning number.


This way, the whole procedure is carried out by public members.


Can I enter the place where draws take place?

Yes, we allow the public to come and see our draws in-person in our drawing auditorium free of charge. 


Can I take part in the drawing process?

Yep, you can definitely join the drawing process as a member of the public. If you are at least 21 years old, you simply complete a brief registration form at the waiting room of the draw auditorium. Just before the draw begins, our employees will conduct an open ballot to randomly pick member participants. 


Do I receive any reward for joining the draw?

Yes, if you are picked randomly from the ballot to join the draw, you will get a token sum. 


Are there any regulations I should keep in mind when entering the drawing-room?


Where can I check the latest Magnum 4D results for today? 


Where can I check the previous Magnum results?


How soon can I get my prize if I win?

You can claim your prize on the following business day/s after the respective draw.

Advice for Playing Magnum 4D


2 Winners of Jackpots Became Millionaires Overnight After Magnum Shops Relaunched!

 Magnum’s first prize jackpot of RM3,998,042 was hit on 28th June last Sunday by a middle-aged player from KL. The winning numbers that made him rich in an instant were 1051 and 2188 (first and third prize respectively). He spent RM30 on System Bet Six and the digit combo was an inspiration from his old family car numbers. 


The winner was of course very excited and thrilled by such a huge turn of luck in his favour. He and his wife had a hard time believing that they won the 1st prize 4D jackpot. They actually checked and scanned the tickets multiple times to make sure. Her reaction was really surprising. Life simply has random surprises lurking in the corner and who knows, you may be the next jackpot winner. Fortunately, you can view all the past Magnum 4D results in Singapore on JDCLUB9.


When the man was questioned what are his future plans when it comes to spending his winnings, he replied that he never thought, even in his wildest dreams he would win such a huge amount of money and that he feels relieved to have funds to support his existing business, his employees, and of course his children in their studies. 


In addition to the above winner, Magnum proudly had a winner of the 1st Jackpot prize on the initial draw that launched on Wednesday (17/6/2020). The grand winner was a car workshop owner who spared only RM2 on a Random pick ticket that won him RM2,327,972. The winning numbers were 1983 + 9438 (first and second prize respectively). He used to buy tickets in almost every draw before the limitations emerged, however, he chose this time to try his luck with a randomly picked number ticket.


Lady luck must have definitely heard his calling as this was the 1st winning draw following a Magnum outlet acquired business. He didn’t know that I hit the jackpot until he visited the nearest Magnum shop to collect the winnings. It was the perfect timing as this would allow him to pay off his home loan and ease his financial woes. He was a firm believer in good luck and it definitely found him.